Simple Floor Tile Cleaning Product Diy

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Adventures In Groud Cleaning

Floor tile cleaning – DIY is one of major trends of recent years. Idea? Learn to make a lot of things yourself … such as natural cleaning products! Get rid of all those bottles, it’s a few recipes that will give your laundry room a whole makeover. Before we get to heart of matter, we must first try to understand properties of certain basic ingredients. Things that recur in composition of natural cleaning products and that should definitely be on your shopping list are: sodium bicarbonate, alcohol vinegar, black soap and some essential oils…

Why? Sodium bicarbonate has powerful degreasing properties. Alcohol vinegar or white vinegar is a powerful, 100% natural detergent that can also be used as a binder for certain recipes. Black soap is a staining cleaning agent that is 100% biodegradable. Essential oils have different properties depending on their nature. Lemon oil, for example, increases cleaning efficiency, has a strong antibacterial effect and also smells nice!

To start, place sodium bicarbonate, citric acid in powder form and coarse salt in a large bowl. Then gradually add alcohol vinegar while mixing carefully until everything starts to bind. Do not be surprised when you see mixture ‘fizzing’ as soon as you add vinegar … Then add essential lemon oil. Finally, pour mixture into ice cubes and press it firmly until everything is well compact. Place it in a dry and light place for at least 24 hours and let it dry.

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