Make Transition From Carpet Stairs To Wood

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Carpet Stairs to Wood – The point at which a carpeted surface meets a carpet surface or carpets in a second room is called a transition point. The method of making the transition varies depending on the two surfaces. Carpet where the transitions with a hardwood floor, the transition is commonly made by tucking the carpet on the edge of the floor. To fix the carpet in place, a tack strip is used. The result is a smooth appearance that does not require a carpet bar to make a transition to vinyl.

Measure the length of the edge of the hardwood floor, where the carpet meets the floor, with a tape measure. Cut a carpet tack strip length equal to the distance found in step 1 with metal scissors. Measure the thickness of the carpet with a tape measure. Place the tack strip against the floor, leaving a space between the tack strip and the wooden floor. Fix the tack strip to the floor by driving nails through the tack strip with a hammer.

Expose the back of the carpet and draw a cut line on the back of the carpet from the mark made in step 6. Cut through the back of the carpet with a utility knife to remove excess material. Carpet toward the tack strip with a kicker tool from the knee. Press the carpet in the tack strip. Tuck the edge of the carpet in the 1/8 inch space between the tack strip and the edge of the platform with a ladder tool.

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