Ideas For Wood Stairs With Runner

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Good Wood Stairs With Runner

Wood stairs with runner arrange almost any stairs adding texture and design to the steps. They can also make slippery steps more stable and help prevent accidents and falls. The installation of a carpet runner is a task that you do yourself most homeowners can handle. With the help of some tools, you can bring elegance and style to your staircase by establishing a carpet runner.

Look at your steps and determine where you want the carpet runner to sit. Most carpet runners are placed in the center of the steps, leaving the wood visible on each side. Nail rivets stripped to the step, where the step meets the elevator. The strips should be about 2 inches shorter than your runner.

Cut a piece of filler for each step. The padding should be shorter than the carpet, since you do not want it to show. It should also extend about 3 inches above the edge of the step. And then use a staple gun to adhere the stage pad insert a basic element about every 3 inches. Push it flush with its strips without rivets, but do not cover them with the filling. Pull the cushion tight and make sure it is taut before stapling.

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