Ideas For Refinishing Wood Stair

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Refinishing Wood Stair Simple Design

Refinishing wood stair – Whether you have raised a worn carpet to reveal wooden steps or your existing wooden steps are showing signs of wear, you may want to touch up your stairs. Elevators, handrails and railings can also be varnished and restored to their original luster. The process creates significant amounts of dust, but if you can handle that inconvenience, the results are worth it.

Ideas for refinishing wood stair, wipe the treads with an anti-static cloth to remove dust. To change the color of the treads, apply the color and let it dry. To maintain the same color, jump directly to the application of at least three layers of polyurethane. To keep the top level of your home accessible during the process, apply polyurethane varnish and any other measure and allow each layer to dry before applying it to the other steps. Use water based and polyurethane stain to minimize fumes.

Refinishing the finish of the Handrail, like treads, can show signs of wear. To repaint them, remove as much of the existing finish as possible with an electric sander. Depending on the profile of the lane, you may have to go through parts of it with your hand. Stain and varnish, unlike paint, is an optimal choice here as painting will more easily show the wear and tear of people running their hands along the lane. Stain it the same color as your treads to create a classic look.

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