How To Restore Rungs On Wood Stairs Treads

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Modern Style Decor Wood Stairs Treads Types

Wood Stairs Treads – The wood provides warmth and classic style for home has interiors and moldings. In a traditional staircase, wooden treads show wear before elevators for stairs or railings because they take the weight of abuse by part of the shoes and boots. If the rest of the ladder is in good shape, but the treads are showing signs of wear, you can restore only the treads, which will give the whole ladder a facelift. Insert a thin strip of the intermittent sheet between the tread of the ladder and the step to protect the riser.

You can use the same strip in each step and move it as you work, or you can use a separate strip in each elevator. Wrap around the bottom of each balustrade where it meets the pine stair treads. Sand the flat support surface with a hand orbital sander to remove the old varnish or paint. Keep the sander moving from side to side in the direction of the grain of the wood.

Remove the finish around the balustrades and around the edges of the tread with 80 grit sandpaper. Remove all old paint for the best results. Remove all the dust from the ladder and the room with a vacuum then wipe down the ladder with an antistatic cloth to remove any remaining persistent dust. Apply wood stain to the oak stair treads with a foam brush and leave on for a few minutes before cleaning the excess with a rag. Allow the steps to dry completely before continuing.

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