How To Replacing Vinyl Flooring Types

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Modern Types Kitchen Vinyl Flooring Installation

Replacing Vinyl Flooring – After years of wear, it may be necessary to replace the old vinyl flooring. Removing worn vinyl floors can be a remodel for the owner, but it can be awesome. It will take time, patience and work to do the job the right way. When removing the old vinyl floors, it is necessary to be careful not to damage the subfloors since it is the base for the new floor. Keep reading to find out how to remove old vinyl floors.

Remove all furniture or appliances in the room where the sheet vinyl flooring will be removed. Next, remove all the skirting boards and moldings on the edges of the track throughout the room. Look for a floor surface that is not stuck down. This can usually be found in one of the corners. Using a knife or a flooring knife, cut along the vinyl floor creating small strips approximately 12 inches wide. This will make removal easier.

Begin to pull up the little strips. Carefully use a scraper for areas that are very close to the subfloors. For stubborn areas that will not lift from the subfloors, spray a solution of soap and water to loosen the vinyl floor of the adhesive. Carefully scrape away as much adhesive as possible when the vinyl floor was peeling off. When all the patterned vinyl sheet flooring has been removed, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the small pieces left on the floor.

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