Best Preparing Floor For Tile

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Concrete Glue Tiles

If you plan preparing floor for tile and drill additional holes for pipes or sockets, you will need a drill and a diamond crown. Do not forget gloves and protective gown, because during procedure, you can get dirty. Start event by preparing wall. You do not have to neglect this step – it will depend on its quality, ease of gluing tiles and quality of ceramic fixing on surface. Oil-based paint and varnish composition is removed – we treat wall with a tool, then we make small cuts and we remove paint with a chisel or a metal spatula.

You can also use grinder with a special brush-shaped nozzle – it is also suitable for peeling off old wallpaper. Old tiles are removed using a hammer with a chisel or perforator. First method is suitable for small areas, second is preferable for large areas. Water emulsion is easily washed with water. If you have to stick tiles in bathroom, then you must remove material, which includes water-repellent components.

Use method of removing oil paint. Washable vinyl or non-woven wallpaper is removed in three steps. Surface is first treated with a needle roller, then moistened with water using a soft cloth or roller, aged for 20 minutes. Once sheets of wallpaper are saturated with moisture, it’s easy to peel them off by taking a corner at junction and pulling it toward you. Be sure to remove remaining pieces of paper with a spatula.

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