Best Decorate With Maple Hardwood Flooring

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Maple Hardwood Flooring In Kitchen

Durable and versatile, maple hardwood flooring can be used to add presence and beauty to any room in your home, from the most formal livings rooms to informal and cozy family members. If you are looking for ways to decorate according to these types of hardwood floors, there are several design tips to keep in mind.

Because maple is something like a blank canvas because of its subtle color and grain, it can be coordinated with almost any chosen style of decoration. However, there are some decorating styles that work particularly well with this flooring. For example, a modern or minimalist design aesthetic can use this type of hardwood flooring as a base. Complement the floor with furniture that has soft, low lines and cooling color palettes. In a more informal and cozy country decor, maple can also be an excellent choice thanks to the rustic qualities of the wood and the durability of the material.

Most types of furniture will be functional in a space with maple floors. If you choose a high quality maple for your floor, it is sturdy even for the most commonly walked in areas such as hallways and hallways. However, laying carpets under the furniture is the best defense against scratches and dirt, which can damage the finish.

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